We specialise in individually handmade wedding figurines for your big day. They  are all made to your own specifications

Scroll down to see photo's of our wedding figurines.  All have been made to customers own specifications and every one is unique to them. If you are interested in having one of your own contact us using the contact us form on the previous page or phone us on 07757 603636.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements 



 indian wedding figurine, bride and groom





bride groom european cup

Emma and Greg met when Liverpool FC won the European cup and wanted this theme for their wedding figurine.  




 bride and groom and european cup on wedding cake





 Bride and groom with dog



We made this wedding figurine for Katie and Jamie.  Mum ordered it as a surprise for them and secretly sent us photos of Katie, Jamie and of course their beloved pet dog. Sue wrote in our guest book "Your cake topper went down very well and I am sure it will be a keepsake for years to come





 figurine on the wedding cake   



Annie and Chandan married in India and had a traditional wedding. We used a few new techniques to get the pattern on the dress just right. We think it worked out pretty well. 



 indian wedding figurine



And here is the wedding figurine on the cake




handmade figurine on wedding cake




bride and groom in rib boat





We made this for Sara and Si who love sailing in their Rib boat. Si sent us photo's of Sara, himself and of course the boat. Sara and Si loved the handmade figurine we made for them and left some great comments in the guest book. Pop over and have a look. Thanks Sara and Si.
We made this for Katie. Holly her Labrador was not allowed into the venue Awww! Katie decided that Holly would have pride of place on top of her cake. So Katie sent us photo's of Holly and here she is!



handmade figurine labrador




We made this for Andrea and Ben who wed in Malta early in September. Andrea loves cycling and Ben likes rugby. We also had to include the dog and cat. 




cycling bride and groom wedding figurine




wedding kayak handmade figurine




Helen was making a cake for her friend's wedding at the end of August.  Helen sent us  images of Ruth and Conan (the happy couple) and told me they loved kayaking. We took it from there



back view of kayak figurine




 This is the view of the kayak from the back



bride and groom in kayak figurine 



 We also managed to make a little fish swimming along with them.
Helen e-mailed us a picture of the cake. Thanks Helen



handmade kayak figurine on cake




Lucy and James decided upon a handmade figurine with a cricket theme.  Lucy sent us details of her wedding gown and James wanted to be in his cricket kit. I included the cricket ball and you can just see the wickets behind the happy couple. 
handmade cricket bride and groom figurine




Handmade film themed wedding figurine




Judith and Patrick wanted a movie theme for their handmade figurine. We came up with this. The mouse behind is operating the film projector and you can just see the popcorn the left side of Judith.
 The tree surgeon groom and golfing bride  was made for Sue and Chris who married at the beginning of July. Sue sent us photos of Chris in his working gear and herself and her golfing bag and clubs. She was trying to keep her dress a secret but could not resist showing Chris the pictures of the figurine we had e-mailed her. They were both delighted and left some great comments in the guest book. Thanks very much Sue and Chris.



golf bride tree surgoen groom



Sue was kind enough to send a picture of their wedding figurine on the cake. Thank you so much Sue.


handmade figurine giraffe and monkey 







bride groom pageboy and dog wedding figurine




This giraffe bride and monkey groom was made for Samantha and Will who married mid July. Samantha was very specific about exactly what she wanted. Needless to say they were both delighted with their creation and have left comments in the guestbook. Many thanks Samantha!
 The wedding figurine above was made for Angela and Tom who married in mid December. Angela wore a long gown with full skirt and cap sleeves. Her bouquet was made up of cream flowers with intertwined greenery. Tom wore a navy suit with white shirt and navy tie to match, his buttonhole was one single cream rose. The little boy was wearing a navy cardigan and trousers with white shirt and navy bow tie. Dexter was wearing his best brown collar.  



 manx norton handmade figurine

We made this for Beryl and Barry who married end of September 2013. They wanted something fun which would include Barry's motorbike and their three dogs Pippa, Astral and Lilian. It took us a while but we got there in the end. Beryl put a lovely comment in the guestbook Thank you Beryl!!

 This was made for Hayley who was getting mid September 2013. Hayley didn't want a formal cake topper but wanted  foxes as her theme. The bouquet was made up of  lollipops and she also wore pink Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes with a red heart on the front.


fox theme wedding cake figurine


Hannah and Gregor  married at the end of July 2013. Hannah and Gregor wanted to include Harry the cat and Skye the dog in their handmade figurine. Of course no problem!


 Here is her handmade figurine on the wedding cake. Wow!! Thanks Hannah and also for the comment you left in the guestbook.

handmade figurine on wedding cake



Christine and Matt married June 2013. Christine wore a full length white dress, the flowers a mix of creams, blues and whites. Matt was wearing his tree surgeon working gear complete with chainsaw and his firms initials on the sweater. Christine also wanted a few little potted plants and secateurs which are positioned on the bottom left of the handmade figurine.

tree surgeon handmade figurine


Jess and Kirk married at the beginning of May 2013. Jess a Doctor wanted to include a doctors white coat over her full length dress. we also included her stethoscope at Jess's request. Kirk a nurse was portrayed in a nurses outfit we also managed to include the tattoo on his right leg.

dr and nurse handmade wedding figurine


 Jess was kind enough to send us a picture of her wedding cake to include  on our website. Thanks Jess! and also for the comments in the guestbook

wedding figurine on cake



Handmade Figurines 2012

wedding cake figurine


(August 2012). Clare and Dave are the happy couple here, Clare gave us the details over the phone and we came up with this. Apparently the finished item looks just like them!! Spooky!!!

handmade figurine tree surgeon wedding


This was made especially for Jill and Adrian (July 2012). Jill sent us photo's of them both, Jill's beautiful wedding dress and Adrian in his working gear. Yes Adrian is a tree surgeon. I think this worked really well, Don't you?

civil partnership figurine


This is a  wedding cake topper we made in April 2012.  Our happy couple wanted something simple, no fuss but which would reflect their lifestyle and the things they enjoy. So this is the result Sandra and Mandy and we can't forget their little dog Bramble.

handmade wedding card figurine


This small handmade figurine  was made for Anthony and Tracey's wedding. Tracey's Mum contacted us with details of the happy couple and of the arch which was to be used as a backdrop to the wedding photographs. Believe it or not she even asked for Anthony to have a maroon tie ) which, as you can see we included. The time of the wedding was 15.30 hrs (look at the clock on the church). This little sculpture was approx 4cm diameter and was mounted on a card. An everlasting keepsake of their wedding. 


handmade wedding scene




We love making wedding scenes attention is paid to every detail. This is one of our wedding scenes. It was commissioned for Carol and Dave who were having a Christmas wedding at Daresbury Church in the North West. We were asked for the church in the background complete with its famous clock, Dave, Carol, Daves's motorbike and a duck as the bridesmaid? Not one to ask questions this intricate scene was produced. The actual scene is approx 9cm in diameter and once mounted in its frame approx 13cm x 13cm. 

handmade wedding figurine



Our handmade figurines are very detailed. Vicky and Stuart sent photos of the happy couple and the wedding dress and also full details of the headwear and the flowers. When  asked about the glasses we were told in no uncertain terms glasses on!




This is Clare and Andy. Two good friends who were having a somewhat untraditional wedding. We were sent a drawing of the outfits, we already knew what they looked like. This little handmade figurine held pride of place on top of the wedding cake which was, by the way a very large toadstool?  Clare has been kind enough to post a comment in the guest book.