A little bit about us.


We are a small business based in Liverpool in the UK. We started the business in 2008 making small  celebration fridge magnets. 




volkswagen beetle 






We then went on to make handmade figurines for special occasions. 



graduation bear 



The figurines are made from polymer clay and will last forever if looked after. 





cat figurine




Our figurines are not mass produced or moulded they are all handmade from scratch. You can see this if you place an order. We give you the option to receive work in progress photo's so that you can see your handmade figurine come to life so to speak  




cricket wicket keeper 




 Some can take hours to make but some of the more complicated ones can take days.





christening figurine 




Our figurines have travelled all over the UK  and across the world Australia, Cyprus, India, Trinidad and many others. Today we continue to make handmade figurines for our customers. Pop over to our guestbook to see what people are saying about us.




 bride groom and two dogs