Our figurines from start to finish.






start of bride figurine


 We start with the basic shape and design of the dress




detail on the back



 Once we are happy with the shape we start adding the detail.



brides features added



Detail on the back finished we move on to the brides features




bouquet made




 Next is the bouquet. The five pence coin shows the detail





bride with bouquet



The Bouquet is then carefully placed in the brides hands 




start the groom figurine



We then start on the groom. His small details are added when they are placed together 




put both figurines together



Placed together the detail is added. The brides hairstyle is finished as is the grooms. The grooms buttonhole is made and placed on his jacket



diamantes for the gown



The diamantes are tiny and have to be added individually to the brides gown




detail on wedding gown



Finally the veil is made and attached to the bride. The flowers on the base are added to complete the happy scene



hanmade figurine wedding