Have a look. See my frogs latest adventures. 






Frogs on tour, denmark 




 Yes... Our frogs are well travelled and send us photo's of themselves from all over the world. Here is their latest. They were on tour in Denmark of all places. They would like to thank Mark who kindly took the shot so they could all be included in this Fantastic photograph.




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box of frogs




This is the gift for the person who has everything. A box of frogs Yes indeedy!. Believe it or not I have sent these little fellas have all over the world   


My frogs have turned up in some very odd places. Have a look at some of our customers photos 


 box of frogs





frogs on photocopier



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  frogs around water cooler





Here are my frogs holiday snaps (below). They started off having a little tipple around the bird bath



frogs having a tipple






frogs on a rock




 Having a whale of a time at the seaside.



frogs in the pub



 Just got off the train and straight to the nearest pub


Doin' a bit of sightseeing

tourist frogs



Yes they are having a great time! Order a box from the online shop and you too can send me photos of  your own frogs and their froggy experiences and I will include them on the website.